Online Roulette Game: take your chance

The Roulette is supposed to be invented in 1655 by a French scientist Pascal, who worked out the theory of probability and the perpetuum mobile. In French, a roulette means a small wheel. Originally, this game was brought to monasteries where monks tried to entertain themselves in such a way. It was much later, in 1842 that the Roulette appeared in casinos. At that time, it was played only by aristocracy. It is well-known that the first casino was opened that year by Francois and Luis Blain. The legend says that they had to sell their souls to the devil in order to get the secret of the game. If you count all the numbers on the Roulette, the sum will be 666 — the number of the devil.

This fact proves the terrible legend. Perhaps, many people don’t believe in this myth, still they agree that the Roulette has always been associated with something strange and unexplainable. The French Roulette allowed making bets on even and odd numbers and colors. At the beginning of 19 century, the game was presented in America. It was extremely popular with venturesome and superstitious players, especially miners and gold buyers. I can’t but mention that in the course of time the Roulette with one zero gained less and less popularity, and there appeared roulettes with double zero. The number of cells also changed from time to time. First, there were 31 cells, while the European Roulette had 37 ones. Therefore, the European Roulette is preferable. In the USA, the Roulette was cheerfully accepted and was given the name the American Roulette. In European countries, gamblers gave preference to the Roulette with one zero. Thus, this type of the Roulette bears the name the French Roulette. Nowadays the Roulette is played everywhere. The game has become a modern and fashionable pastime.

Roulette guide

The roulette wheel is colored with red and black and has green zero areas. The main colors are chosen by its inventor because he just liked them. Along the wheel the numbers are specified in a casual manner and the wheel itself is considered to be a random number generator. The rules of the game differ depending on type of roulette. If we speak about the offline casino, there are usually up to 8 players at one table gambling against the House. The roulette is managed by a croupier or the so called dealer. He counts wagers and money, which is to be paid out. When a player is gambling on Australian online casino, he should open an account and choose a roulette variant offered there. Being alone at the table he is asked to place bets on numbers including 0 using virtual chips as much as he wants. There are a range of denominations of chips of different colors used to distinguish the players when the game is in real life. Actually there are two main types of bets in this gamble, which can be divided further on: inside and outside ones. The inside bets are more risky that is why the experienced players usually bet on several numbers choosing them. Why do they choose them if the chances to guess those numbers are low? The answer is the high pay-outs. Outside bets have better odds for winning and lower payouts. A player can place bets on low or high groups of numbers, on any color, on dozens, and columns. After the words “no more bets” are announced, the player is not allowed to place bets. The game starts. The real or virtual dealer spins the wheel launching a ball. When the wheel stops, the winning number and color are determined by a ball dropped on a chosen slot. After announcement of the winners – those who place on or around the number that the ball determines – the play can be continued. After all, the winnings are summarized and appear on the player’s account. The purpose of this game is to guess the number, on which the ball lands when the wheel of roulette stops. Is it possible to predict the result?

Roulette gaming strategies

They say there are no any roulette gaming strategies. This gambling does not comply with any rules. The result is subject to a random choice. So, when one is told about an efficient winning roulette strategy, he’d better stay cautious. Of course he can try it without making huge wagers, but if on a website there is an offer to buy the strategy, it is highly recommended to reject such an offer. Though, betting experts explain some strategies, which can help to take advantage playing roulette and increase the chances of winning. But it does not mean that any of these strategies works 100%. Still the result of roulette gaming is a chance. No probability calculation can influence on a ball after the wheel begins spinning. If you are ready to carry out research and to find your own method, then you should maintain patience and persistence. Are you going to beat casino in Australia? Let’s consider some strategies.

Try prediction methods. According to it a player should mention the time needed for the wheel to spin and for the ball to drop on a slot. This information is used for calculation of place where the ball falls next time. But the developers of the wheel counteracted such attempts of the originators creating advanced constructions. There are also the progression strategies. The Martingale strategy is among them. It offers to double a bet every time a player loses. The risks are very high that is why the experienced gamblers do not use it. If a player doubles his bet after the winning, it means that he uses the Paroli strategy. The last one is a little less risky compared to the Martingale. In addition to the above listed one can pay his attention to the strategies without progression when the same amount of bet is placed. This strategy is known as Masse égale roulette system working only within inside bets.

Types of Roulette

There are American and European Roulette. As it was said the roulette was created in France and its European version is supposed to be the oldest one though this idea is arguable. If an Aussie prefers American Roulette he should know that in this system there are 38 holes in the wheel numbered from 1 to 36. Besides there are 0, 00 marks quite oppositely facing. While in European roulette there are 37 holes: numbers from 1 to 36 and a green 0 and that peculiarity offers an advantage to a player as far as it increases the chances of winning. But here they make compensation of increased odds of winning and decreased the stakes. Another difference is also about bets. In American roulette if a player places bets on the simple chances with payoff quotas of 1:1 and the ball occurs to be on 0, he loses all bets. However in European roulette he has the right to ask for another spin and to get the money back if the ball stops favorably. Otherwise casino returns half of his bet.

In addition one can face cultural differences between these two types of roulette. The European one is notable for particular gaming options. For example here the players can pay the dealer or croupier spinning the roulette wheel for launching the ball from a chosen place on the wheel. There is also “la partage” rule allowing leaving the bet “in prison” if the player, who made this bet, gets on zero. It means that the bet is moved to the slot of the previous bet made before 0. And we are going to inform you of the last difference: in European roulette the number arrangement is completely random while in American wheel sequential numbers are placed opposite from one another: In other words a player will find 28 positioned on the wheel just opposite to 27. It should be mentioned that in Las Vegas one can play American roulette mostly. One can find a rare European kind but it is usually known here as “single-zero roulette.”